10 Facts About Poor Back Posture


“Sit up right – keep your spine straight!”

Remember when your parents would chastise you each time you’d slouch your back while watching TV? Our natural reaction would be to mostly discard their advice as one of those nonsensical instances of the parents exercising their right to boss us around. But guess what – the realm of science approves of their paranoia concerning our posture. Here are ten reasons why the correct posture is important for your body.


1) Some muscles work overtime and become inflexible

When your body has poor posture, some of your muscles will have to work harder than others to ensure that you keep upright. They tend to become inflexible which results in a limited range of motion.

2) Gets rid of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Millions of people suffer from an irregular bowel pattern which in most cases is induced because of poor body posture. When the bones of the spine don’t line up as they’re intended to, they suppress the nerves of the intestines. This has a profoundly negative impact on your bowel movement. Hint: IBS

3) Prevents the ‘hunched’ look

A slouched position permanently lines up the ligaments in the vertebral column in such a way that it looks as though you have grown another muscle on your back! Your body looks more hunched as a result. Not a good look is it?


4) You get fatigued faster

When you subject your body to the brutal punishment of sitting glued to your computer for prolonged periods of time, certain areas of your body get triggered to work overtime. This makes them consume a lot of energy which tends be physically exhausting for you.


5) The body can contract diabetes

Diabetes is so prevalent that more than 10% of the entire US population has it. The poor posture of your spine interferes with the positioning of the nerves that go to the liver – affecting its functioning, which can eventually lead to diabetes.


6) It can depress you!

A puffed-up chest looks markedly better than a humped back doesn’t it? A proper sitting position has the proven ability to make you feel psychologically better about yourself, and you will look more radiant to your coworkers as well.


7) Makes it difficult to breathe

Poor posture makes it more difficult to breathe by decreasing the amount of space needed for lungs to properly fill up, leaving you at times, gasping for air. Your lung capacity can be severely hampered by poor posture.


8) Neck pain

An unnatural curvature of the spinal cord subjects the neck to brutal bouts of physical exertion, which eventually tightens the scalene, suboccipital and subscapularis muscles. This increases the amount of wear and tear overtime making it more likely for you to get injured.

9) One thing leads to another – the heart

Your labored breathing forces the heart to pump more blood for greater oxygen transport, the result is painful cardiovascular diseases which eventually culminate in a life threatening stroke.


10) Developing blood clots in the leg

Poor posture is a direct consequence of sitting for too long which can cause blood clots to form in deep veins of your legs. This is also known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This blood clot can travel to the lungs and cause a blockage, the implications of which can sometimes be fatal.


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